The spectacular colours of the autumn leaves have reached their fullness and are now falling to the ground creating a beautiful carpet of magnificent hues.

Our wonderful deciduous trees respond to the cold changes by turning off their supply of chlorophyll to their leaves. Slowly the green disappears and the other pigments that have been there in the leaves all along are revealed, displaying for us the beautiful oranges, reds and golds. Did you know that the chemicals that produce these stunning autumn colours are the same ones responsible for the vibrant colours of carrots, tomatoes and egg yolks?

Stanthorpe is a hive of activity at the moment. The wine and food extravaganza that is Grazing the Granite Belt is nearly here Saturday and Sunday 13th & 14th May. Also on Sunday we have Music in the Gallery. The following week on the Sunday, Robert Channon Wines is hosting “Wien to Wein” – an afternoon of music. And whilst we are on music and vineyards, we have to mention how great Opera in the Vineyard was last weekend. We had the pleasure of accommodating both Emma Matthews and David Hobson.

We’ve been busy here too at 31 The Rocks in the garden, planting bulbs and getting ready for the impending colder days. We have already had our first frost and the log fires are alight most nights. We’re now looking forward to the chill of winter and the hope of snow…. fingers crossed.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mums out there. We hope you have a lovely day and are spoilt just a little.

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