We must hand it to Mother Nature – how good is this cold weather and just when we needed her to turn down the heat and add a nice coating of frost and cold crisp air, she came through in fine form. Timed to perfection, we had the most glorious winter weather for our Snowflakes Festival with sub zero mornings, sunny clear days and shivery cold evenings.

   It’s always lovely to see so many people having fun and with the snow field, snowmen, snowballs, ice-skating and heaps of winter cheer, everyone who came to Stanthorpe for Snowflakes had ‘snow much fun”. What a great event and where else in Queensland could you enjoy all of this? And that’s not all …. our wineries, breweries and restaurants are now ready for Christmas in July, in fact it’s already started so don’t delay – check out Golden Grove Estate, Ballandean Estate, Granite Belt Brewery, Glen Aplin Gardens, The Vineyard Café and JJ’s at the Rocks to name a few. And whilst we’re on the Christmas theme, a must see is our new Granite Belt Christmas Farm with its real-live reindeer, beautiful Christmas shop and the best hot chocolate ever!

Winter is the busiest time of year for us and we have been very lucky to have many of our regular returned guests, many of whom are now good friends, come and stay with us over that last few weeks. We’ve had lots of catch up chats, lunches and drinks and in between all that, there’s the hard work of getting the gardens ready for spring. Scott and I have been here 19 months now and are finally starting to get an idea of the gardening that comes with the changing of the seasons and feeling a little less stressed knowing that the dead stick plants are just dormant and not in fact dead.



Living in a place like this, we have to stop sometimes and remember to enjoy for ourselves some of the things that drew us here in the first place, the things that our guests are coming here to experience time and again. We had a couple of super early rises last week and went down to Quart Pot Creek just on sunrise to take in the beauty of the frost covered banks, to leave a trail of footprints on the crunchy grass and watch the fog rise over the water. It certainly is a marvellous sight.

And then at the other end of the day it’s just so relaxing winding down and getting cosy in front of the fire. Like the caption at the top says…..cold nights, large sweater, warm tea, good book, soft socks and a box of chocolates. Only 3 things missing – log fire, mulled wine and a good glass of port – perfect!

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