Winter in the Grotto

Hasn’t the weather been mixed up lately? One day it’s well and truly winter with frost and frozen bird baths, the next it’s a beautiful spring day that’s warm and sunny with the most blazing blue skies.

The poor garden doesn’t know what to do. The patch of nice warm weather that we all just had has caused the plants to wake up early and spring into life with a huge bud burst. The wattles are flowering earlier than normal and confusion reigns supreme with the forecast for the next few days predicting another round of below zero frosty mornings. We have even had a mid-morning thunderstorm bringing a welcomed drop of rain, which to our amazement turned into sleet and dropped the temperature by over 10 degrees in an instant. There will be some frost burn for those tender little buds for sure.

Sleet Photo during Winter

With the unpredictable weather at the moment, some grape growers have postponed their vine pruning schedule to try to hold back the flush of new buds in an attempt to avoid potential damage from late frosts. And on the subject of wine….congratulations to the wineries of The Granite Belt for their recent cache of awards, proving once again that Granite Belt Wine Country is a force to be reckoned with and is up there with the best of them.

Empty Wine Tree before Winter
Before Winter

Many of our guests have been enjoying the excellent Granite Belt wines and after a great day on a guided tour or a self-drive winery experience, they’ve all been helping take care of our Wine Tree, which has really flourished well this winter, so much so that sadly we are going to have to do some pruning on it too.


Wine Tree after Winter
After Winter

Never mind the frenzied activity with the flush of budding plants, it’s been just as frenzied for us with a pleasingly super busy winter. This winter we have been blessed with many returned guests and heaps more here for the first time experiencing the log fires, award winning wines, beautiful National Parks, fine food and of course, our great hospitality.

We have some minor works programmed in for the next month. Villa 5, our Two Bedroom Villa will be receiving a bit of an external revamp so keep an eye out in the next blog for an update and a look at what we manage to achieve.

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