Spring Flowers


Spring is in the air…throw open those windows, get outdoors, breath in the sweetness of budding beauty and usher in the cheer of Spring.

Spring should have you all feeling a little more alive and energised. This is just how we need you to be to come and try out our new package….Happy Hiker. If there is one thing that Stanthorpe does really well, that is the changing of the seasons, and how better to experience this magnificently invigorating bud burst than to get back to nature and spend some time walking in Girraween National Park.

Girraween National Park

Girraween means “place of flowers” and in addition to the stunning granite rock formations that shape Girraween, it is renowned for it’s spectacular displays of wild flowers. Some of these only found in this area. Beautiful wild flowers can be found along the major walking tracks. Some have large showy displays whilst others are smaller and solitary. So look carefully because their beauty is a great reward for the time spent searching.

Wild Flowers

 31 The Rocks Plowmans Lunch

We’ve packed a great 31 The Rocks Ploughman’s Lunch, some water and a bit of information about Girraween. We have put it all together in a handy backpack for you to use to spend a day walking through our wonderful National Park. No need to leave part way through the day to grab some lunch. Just pull up a rock with a breathtaking view. Take out your cooled lunchbox packed with local produce and enjoy…..before continuing on your fun adventure.

Plowmans Lunch


So, chase the winter blues away, enjoy a day touched by sunshine and find harmony in nature. As quoted – flowers are sunshine to the soul. Everyone thinks of Stanthorpe as “the Queensland winter destination”, but for those of you that only come for the cold, you are missing out on so much more that Stanthorpe has to offer.

Big Thermometer

You probably would have all heard by now about The Big Thermometer. It is now keeping everyone up-to-date on Stanthorpe’s temperature. When in Stanthorpe next, a visit to the Big Thermometer is a must….another “big thing” to tick off your bucket list and whilst you’re there why not stop in and have a cuppa at the Visitor Information Centre (VIC), taking in those beautiful views from the deck overlooking Quart Pot Creek. The official opening is 1st September 2018 at 3pm down at the Creek. So if you happen to be around Stanthorpe, come on down and join in the fun.

Big Thermometer

We have had a busy, busy Winter season and a good chunk of our guests have stayed with us at least once before. It makes us so happy to see you guys coming back again, and to know that you like it here ‘nearly’ as much as we do. Sadly, no snow this year, but we have had some pretty good frosts. We keep the firewood in the Villas until the end of September as the evenings can still get rather chilly, so if you still haven’t had that log fire fix, there’s still a few weeks to go.

 Johnny Cash

Something that not everyone knows about Stanthorpe….our great little town was regularly visited by Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter back in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Johnny Cash had a good friend who had moved here from America and Johnny and his wife would regularly come to visit. And so, in honour of Johnny Cash’s love of Stanthorpe, we now hold a Johnny Cash Festival. Last years festival was a resounding success. This year it will be held on 2nd and 3rd November. Such a lot of fun, we already have bookings coming in for this, so check it out at Johnny Cash Country .

Johnny Cash










Last, but by no means least, we can’t forget to mention our lovely little neighbourly beagle…Bella! She comes to visit just about every day come rain hail or shine. At 16 years old though, she starting to show the signs of ageing. The occasional limp, achy hips, stiff back – not unlike most of us. And as you can see, it looks like she’s following my lead and looking for a relaxing glass or two or OK bottle, of wine at the end of a busy, busy day. Here’s to Spring!!!

Bella the Beagle 4714

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