Baby its Cold Outside

Winter……well its almost here and baby it’s cold outside. The last of the beautiful autumn leaves are just clinging on with most having fallen to become a crunchy carpet or been raked up and turned into mulch for the garden. Many naked branches now seem to reach towards the sky in a welcoming gesture to the chilly hands of Jack Frost who has already started to spread his cold white sheets on the ground in the mornings. We are prepared! We have 5 tonnes of good old Ironbark firewood chopped…stacked…ready and waiting to keep you warm.

Stanthorpe and the Granite Belt have welcomed many visitors taking a few days out to see the extraordinary colours and enjoy the cooler weather we love up here through the autumn months. With winter just a handful of falling leaves away, Stanthorpe is getting ready to show the rest of Queensland just how unique it is and what winter is really all about. It’s time to get serious… low single digit temperatures (some in the negative) both mornings and nights, foggy breath, beanies, scarves and coats are the norm.

And, what an exciting line-up of events we have to look forward to this winter. Snowflakes in Stanthorpe is back, bigger and better than ever before and if there’s one thing you have to do this winter, it’s to experience Snowflakes in Stanthorpe – it’s going to be “snow much fun!

Robert Channon Wines are hosting the Brisbane Concert Orchestra, Pyramid Road Wines will be presenting Winter Song with Francesca de Valence. Summit Estate Wines have their Winter Solstice and for Christmas in July why not try the Granite Belt Brewery with their 1920’s theme or the Golden Grove Sicilian Christmas in July

Accommodation and tickets to events at this time of the year are snapped up very quickly, so get in early and book. Come and experience winter on the Granite Belt. As Winnie the Pooh said “Winter is warmer with you”.

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